Technical services

Our laboratory team is made up of a chemist, who is currently preparing her doctorate with research to eradicate TCA, a winemaker, a biologist and two laboratory assistants.

Among the laboratory material we have two chromatographs, one of them, an Agilent Technologies SPME Arrow – GC Intuvo – MS/MS, which allows us to have a total control of the sensory deviations of the batches, quickly and very effectively, either for discard before purchase so as to minimize them to undetectable levels thanks to our sensory deviation reduction systems.

In addition to the tests in our laboratory, we collaborate with wineries to experience our innovations in situ and thus create a closer relationship with our clients so that they can benefit from our constant work to always be at the forefront of research.

We participate in sectoral research projects  or together with external laboratories, universities and research centers, with the aim of constantly innovating, expanding our knowledge and incorporating new technologies that provide added value to our clients.

We are part of the AECORK Technical Committee as well as the UNE CTN 056/SC 05 «CORCHO» Committee that coordinates the state regulation of the cork stopper.

Finally, we would like to highlight our commitment to rigor, quality and the environment, as shown in our certification policy, which has always been very demanding.